Hybrid Micro Circuit Manufacturing

VCB Electronics has complete infrastructure for Hybrid Micro Circuit Manufacturing. VCB can do Thick Film Printing, Firing, Trimming, Scribing Process to manufacture ceramic substrates, on which the SMD components are assembled and soldered using reflow process. Then chips and dies are assembled using epoxy and wire bonding enables the connection from pads on the chip to the pads on the substrate. After Testing, substrates get assembled into a metal package, followed by sealing of the packages and complete validation and screening process as needed prior to delivery to customers.

Space Grade & Industrial Grade Module Assembly

VCB has a complete inhouse facility for assembling the space and military grade electronics modules as well as Industrial grade modules. VCB follows a very strong inward quality assessment (IQA) process including 100% visual inspection, LOT Acceptance tests for components, semiconductors, substrates, pastes and epoxies. VCB also assesses shelf life of these items as well as status of equipment, instruments, jigs and fixtures and carries out needed calibration. VCB also validates the entire process and parameters and establishes traceability as needed by customers.

VCB has complete in house solder printing, component assembly, automated pick and place machines, reflow and wave soldering machines, complete testing lab and predelivery inspection infrastructure. VCB also gets their man power resources qualified to the required process skills, standards and customer expectations.

Screening & Environmental Testing Infrastructure.

VCB Electronics has complete knowhow, equipment, jigs and fixtures, instruments needed for complete screening and circuit type qualification processes as per MIL 883 standards.

This environmental test lab got audited and qualified by ISRO and other customers. VCB carries our periodic assessments, audits as per ISO 9001:2015 as well as specific customer guidelines.